Always on your route!

We deliver and make-to-order specialty coffee, tea, and chocolate hot drinks right in front of your door!


If you really craving some delicious coffee and pastries, but do not feel like going outside nowadays, our professional Barista will drive by to your place! Simply place an order through the order form on this website, Instagram or by texting +16043663761

*minimum order is 20$ of 4 items (0$ delivery fee!)


We understand the whole situation with COVID-19 and take it very seriously. Our bikes are constantly getting sanitized and we accept contactless payments.

Coffeebike in Vancouver



Cafe Americano 3.5$

Cafe Latte 4.5$

Cafe Mocha 5$

Caramel Macchiato 5$

French Vanilla Latte 5$

Cappuccino 4.5$

Hot Chocolate 4.5$

Tea 3.5$

Extra syrup 0.5$

Oat/Almond milk alternative 0.5$


Ukrainian Sausage Roll 5$

Piroshki with variety fillings 4$

(Ex: mashed potatoes& mushroom, cabbage, condensed milk, apple& cinnamon etc.)

Sweet Snack Bar 4$

(Condensed milk n’ shredded coconut; Honey Oat Fudge)

Vegan Protein Bar 4.5$

(Berry n’ Chocolate; Double Chocolate; Espresso)

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    Coffee Delivery and Catering

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Downtown and Olympic Village

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