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We have combined Vancouverites' love for the coffee and desire to maintain green and healthy
As a result, we would like to introduce our fully equipped and self sustained coffee shop based on the
platform of electric tricycle, which guarantees zero gas emissions, while serving delicious coffee
beverages and bakery. ​
Our flexible location allows us to roam around the city and help you with those energy and taste
cravings at your best convenience!

Coffeebike in Vancouver

We Cater!

Currently we have three espresso machine equipped and one drip coffee equipped bikes, which allows us to serve up to 2000 people at a time. Email us for more information about private or public catering deals.



Cafe Americano

Cafe Latte

Cafe Mocha

Caramel Macchiato

French Vanilla Latte


Hot Chocolate


Extra syrup

Oat/Almond milk alternative


Baked good selection varies weekly

Contact us for more information!

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