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Become a Part Of
The Coffee Bike Movement

  • Be Your Own Boss!

  • Ready-To-Go Environment Friendly Business in a matter of few months

  • Low Entry Cost

  • Fast Return On Investment

  • Be Mobile - if one location did not work out, You can always move to another

  • Strong Brand and Support throughout Your journey

  • NO Franchise obligations and full ownership of the unit


Request Coffee Bike Purchase

Coffee Bike Worldwide

Apply Below and one of our Sales Representatives will get back to you shortly!

Current price for a fully equipped Coffee Bike unit is 25000$ CAD + sales tax + shipping

Please review  Frequently Asked Questions section below

*Please note, the video below showcases our old version of the Coffee Bike.

The new model has a lot of new features which improve both efficiency and overall design!

Coffee Bike

Coffee Bike

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