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The Coffee Bike Movement

  • Be Your Own Boss!

  • Ready-To-Go Environment Friendly Business in a matter of few months

  • Low Entry Cost

  • Fast Return On Investment

  • Be Mobile - if one location did not work out, You can always move to another

  • Strong Brand and Support throughout Your journey

  • NO Franchise obligations and full ownership of the unit


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Coffee Bike Worldwide

Apply Below and one of our Sales Representatives will get back to you shortly!

Current price for a fully equipped Coffee Bike unit is 25000$ CAD + sales tax + shipping

Please review  Frequently Asked Questions section below

*Please note, the video below showcases our old version of the Coffee Bike.

The new model has a lot of new features which improve both efficiency and overall design!

Coffee Bike

Coffee Bike

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  • How much is the Coffee Bike, what is the purchasing process, and what payment methods do you accept?
    The price of Coffee Bike Vol. 2 is US$ 19850 Purchasing process ✅ Pre order one or multiple Coffee Bikes by fillin in the form above ✅ We will contact you within one business day and issue the invoice. You will have up to 5 business days to pay off the balance (you can also email us and request extension due to emergency or personal reason - subject to management approval*). ✅ Once full payment is received, we will start manufacturing your Coffee Bike right away. ✅ Second invoice for the shipping will be sent closer to the dispatch date (rates always fluctuate). ✅ Once your unit is ready, and all invoices are paid, we will pack and dispatch it to you. ✅ Get ready for your Coffee Bike! 😎☕ Please note the following ✅ First 20 buyers will receive a 2000$ USD discount, lifetime free subscription to our Phone App, and custom branded backpack loaded with Coffee Bike barista essentials. ✅ The next 50 buyers will receive custom branded backpack loaded with Coffee Bike barista essentials. ✅ Shipping is an extra charge and will be calculated once the delivery address is available ✅ We accept direct bank transfer or credit card payments (additional 2.2% processing fee will be added for a credit card payment) - both invoice and receipt will be issues to you for the accounting purposes ✅ Please note, all sales are final, and once we receive your payment, we will reserve you a spot in the line and start manufacturing right away. ✅ Based on our initial market research, we are expecting a very high demand on our first round of production, so the faster you place your order the sooner you will get your Coffee Bike!
  • What is included with my Coffee Bike?
    Coffee Bike Vol 1. is fully equipped coffee shop on the go and includes the following equipment list: ✅ Commercial grade espresso machine (capable of serving up to 60 drinks per hour) ✅ Two coffee grinders (one main and one smaller for decaf drinks) ✅ Full plumbing water system (3 compartment sink, 2 faucets with cold and hot running water, pitcher rinser, 60L fresh water tank with fill in port, and grey water tank with drainage valve, water heater, water pump, water filtration system, all the plumbing pipes in place with valves/switches for the most optimal performance) ✅ Propane lines and regulators for espresso machine and water heater ✅ Electric system to power lighting, electric appliances, water pump, music, and charging of tablet/phone (batteries are also included) ✅ Additional electric system for 1500W motor - bikes are both throttle and pedal assist powered (batteries are also included) - Coffee Bike is E-Bike! ✅ Fridge, which can fit 2 gallons of regular milk and few alternative milks ✅ Shelving units for storage of dry supplies, syrups holders, and 3-level baked goods display ✅ Solar panel on the roof, which charges one of the batteries throughout the day and adds additional environment friendly presence ✅ Full package of small appliances to operate right away (pitchers, tampers, scissors, tongs, etc. - around 10 extra items). Coffee Bike Vol. 2 (which we are selling from now on) has everything from the above list plus: ✅ Lighter overall weight due to more efficient materials usage, and optimized internal space distribution, which allows more storage space ✅ Heavy duty rear wheels, improved suspension, and new generation of twin hydraulic brakes ✅ Improved locking system for the entire unit ✅ Additional propane powered hot water dispenser with a separate plumbing line, which allows it to be operated independently from the espresso machine (more hot water, less recovery time!) ✅ Upscale wooden like countertop cover - gives more of the coffee shop vibe ✅ Additional table on the left side from barista for a bigger working space ✅ Improved design and durability of the shelving unit and additional sliding drawer with lock for cashier and small utensils, paper towel holder, and soap dispenser ✅ Additional rain cover for the driver ✅ A unique computer for the driver, which includes GPS, phone connection, and even rear and front view cameras with recording option for a safer ride! ✅ Improved internal LED lights and additional LED lights under the bike. ✅ LED Espresso Bar sign and sliding out LED menu sign ✅ Improved solar panel with higher wattage and charging power ✅ Improved fridge with built in additional battery to keep your milk cold even if main battery is down if you forgot to charge it ✅ Special milk pitcher rinser is installed in one of the sinks for more efficient usage of water for cleaning purposes ✅ Slightly updated list of small utensils to match our brand even more (unique colors and custom logos): - Full barista kit: portafilters, 2 milk pitchers, tamper for espresso, espresso knock box - Wooden coffee shop organizer (for cups, lids, sugars, etc.) - Ice cooler and ice scoop - Scissors, silicone tongs for pastries, tea box - Cash box, dog bowl, spray bottle, music speaker, bike helmet
  • Is it Franchise? What's the catch?
    We are NOT a franchise. Think of us as a dealership of the Coffee Bikes with the vision of building a Worldwide community of aspiring entrepreneurs in the mobile food business industry. We don't obligate you to any royalty or marketing fees. The only things we ask is to represent our brand in the most genuine and professional way, and be signed up for our Coffee Bike Owner app (monthly subscription will vary between 50 and 100$), which will give you access to many perks: ✅ Be a part of a growing Worldwide community, share your experience with other Coffee Bike owners, make new entrepreneur friends, and get our support throughout your journey! ✅ Tracking your Coffee Bike locations and sharing it Live with your customers ✅ Uploading additional information about your Coffee Bikes (hours of operations, barista name, special offers, etc.) ✅ Options to hire Coffee Bike for private events and caterings (we will be distributing leads based on the location and availability of the Coffee Bike owners) ✅ Customers will be able to collect points with their purchases and redeem them later on (in development) ✅ Coffee Bike owners will be able to order custom supplies from HQ (cups, lids, coffee beans, etc.) - this will not be mandatory at all - just an additional service for Coffee Bike owners.
  • How long does it take to get my Coffee Bike?
    Once the payment is received, it takes 1-2 months to manufacture your Coffee Bike and another 20-30 days for delivery. Please note, since we are launching a Worldwide crowdfunding campaign, lead time might be subject to change depending on the overall demand and amount of orders. Our current facility is capable of producing up to 80 Coffee Bikes per month.
  • Does my Coffee Bike have any warranty? What happens if something breaks down?
    Your Coffee Bike comes with 1 year warranty on all (if any) manufacturing defects, which we will fix at our cost as soon as possible. All Coffee Bikes are going through multiple testing before shipment to you as well. We will also support you with outsourcing replacement parts if you or your staff broke something during the operations, and make sure you get those parts as quickly as possible.
  • Do I need any permits to operate my Coffee Bike, and where can I operate?
    Each city and municipality has its own rules and regulations. Please note, we are not responsible for getting you a location, permit, or any license - this is your sole responsibility. In general, consider between private property (by agreement with the landlord) and public or city property (by getting the required permits if any are in place).
  • What can I sell from my Coffee Bike?
    We don't limit you to any products - Coffee Bike is fully your business, and you can choose your own menu. We will be happy to provide you with the initial menu ideas, which we have been utilizing for our Coffee Bikes operations during the last 7 years. The overall set up of the Coffee Bike allows you to serve a full range of specialty coffee (espresso based) drinks as well as additional items such as hot chocolate or tea.
  • Do you provide any training?
    There are two ways for you to learn how to operate your Coffee Bike: Option #1: We will provide written instructions with pictures and detailed explanation on how to operate your Coffee Bike. We will also be able to answer any additional questions through the email . Option #2: One of our supervisors will travel to your location and provide full in-person training (3 business days). This will cost you an additional 1000$ USD plus the cost of transportation and accomodation (economy level). Alternatively, you can travel to our HQ in Vancouver, BC, Canada for a full in person training. Option #3: We are working on the online subscription portal where you will be able to get an access to the full video course on how to be a Coffee Bike barista (in development now)
  • Can I purchase territory rights or become a distributor for the entire region or country?
    We are always happy to get in touch and discuss potential partnerships on a larger scope! Please email us your proposal or questions at
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